This is not only based on the above-mentioned result, but also because the smaller gate becomes larger and a lot easier, and the large gate is difficult to lessen.

The role with the gate is: control the movement rate: In the injection, the early flow with the melt in this part could be prevented to prevent backward circulation: The molten material passing through is put through strong shearing to increase the temperature, thereby lowering the apparent viscosity to improve the fluidity:

D, to assist in the separation of products and also runner system. The design from the gate shape, size, and location varies according to the nature of the plastic material, the size and structure with the article. Generally, the shape belonging to the cross section of the gate is rectangular or circular, along with the cross-sectional area should be small and also the length should be short.It truly is the channel connecting the main channel (or runner) plus the cavity.

The cross-sectional area with the channel can be equal towards main channel (or runner), but it is usually reduced. Cavity It is the area for molding plastic products from the mold. The shape and size on the gate have a great influence on the quality of the product. The location of the gate should generally be chosen the place that the product is thickest without impacting the appearance. The components that make in place the cavity are collectively categorised as molded parts. So it is the smallest part of the entire athlete system.

Gate size design should look at the nature of the plastic melt.